Structure of the paper

Title - should reflect the content of the same.

Authorship - the name of the author or authors, scientific degrees/titles, electronic mail, institutional affiliation must be indicated.

Abstract - should contain a description of the procedure, the main theses and the conclusion of the article.

Keywords - are key terms that reflect the content of the article.

Introduction - describes the tackled problem and the chosen approach, its formulation and methodology, the objectives and/or hypotheses. The introduction should outline the research literature and describe the purpose of the study.

Materials and methods

Results - The author should describe, in a coherent, organized and objective manner the effects of the analysis carried out in the study. The results should be presented in the same order in which the research questions were raised.

Conclusion - should be based on the results.

Acknowledgments - in the corresponding cases, include the name of the institutions granting data collection permits and sources of funding.

Bibliographic references - should be listed at the end of the article with the data required by the APA standards.