Double blind peer review evaluation

The proposal is submitted to a preliminary evaluation by the Editorial Board in order to determine whether it fits in the thematic and editorial policy, as well as if it complies with the norms of the Revista del CELSA. International Latin American Studies Review.

The articles that pass successfully the preliminary evaluation are sent, after deletion of the data of the author(s), to two external experts. The names of the reviewers will not be revealed. Once a year, a complete list of reviewers of a given issue will be published on the website of the Journal.

During the evaluation process, the identity of both, the authors and the reviewers (according to the double-blind review process principle) will be kept secret. The review is made in an application form specially created for these purposes that contains the clause where the reviewer clearly indicates his/her recommendations for acceptance or rejection of the proposal. The Editor-in-Chief  makes the final decision on publishing the paper.

The evaluation process is free.

The principles governing the evaluation procedure correspond to internationally recognized standards recommended by the Polish authorities. Reviewers are required to notify the editorial team about any suspicion of academic dishonesty (plagiarism, self-plagiarism, ghostwriting etc.).

The journal’s editorial team and Editorial Board Members are required to declare any conflict of interest and should exclude themselves from both handling and reviewing papers in cases where such a conflict may take place. In particular, if a member of the editorial team or an Editorial Board Member is an author or co-author of a paper submitted to the journal, this information must be explicitly provided to the editors. In such cases another editor is to be assigned to oversee the review process. These submissions are subject to the exact same review process as any other paper.

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