Call for Papers / Issue No. 36 (December 2025)

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Revista del CESLA. International Latin American Studies Review

Messianic and millenarian movements in Latin America
Guest editors: Prof. Mieczysław Jagłowski, UWM, Poland, Prof. Renato Kirchner, PUC-Campinas, Brazil


One of the most fascinating phenomena belonging to the rich manifestations of the religiosity of Latin American nations and peoples was the emergence of numerous religious and social movements and communities implementing specific visions of social life based on the principles of brotherhood and universal egalitarianism. The ideologies of these movements have been expressed by their leaders in a language that many scholars believe that millennial and messianic content essentially defines them. Although the thesis that these movements had a messianic and millenarian character has been criticized for several decades, some scholars maintain that many contemporary social movements, especially in the Latin American countryside, still retain this character. Furthermore, there is a thesis in the social sciences that the messianic-millennial imaginary is one of the „founding elements” of Latin American culture and a privileged key to interpreting the culture, history and present of Latin American countries. Either way, the phenomenon is constantly open to new research and interpretations.

We invite scholars to submit original, previously unpublished papers, presenting messianic and millenarian movements in Latin America in various aspects and theoretical, historical and geographical perspectives. We expect that these observations, exegesis, explanations, comments and interpretations will contribute to deepening the knowledge of these fascinating phenomena.

The articles must be written in Spanish, Portuguese or English. We strongly advise Authors to write in their mother tongue, if it is one of the journal’s official languages. The full versions of the manuscripts to be submitted to the external evaluation process must be submitted by the Authors anonymously into the Open Journal System (OJS) of Revista del CESLA. International Latin American Studies Review before 31st of October 2025.

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