The Cuban Popular Religions: Brief Remarks on the Last Half a Century


  • Jesús GUANCHE University of Habana (Cuba)


popular religions, palomonte, ocha rule, societies abakuá, spiritism, religious family, santería


To fifty years of Cuban Revolution the popular religions of marked African womb have achieved an important national and international visibility whisked away in other historical stages. Their diversity has been marked by the coex-istence of practical of palomonte, santería or ocha rule, priesthoods of Ifá and of Osain, masculine societies abakuá, arará, iyesá, gangá cults, the Cuban variants of the vodú and the rastafari, together diverse expressions of the spiritism (of table, cru-sader and of cord), and other hybrid domestic practices of some and other that are not dependent of an ecclesiastic institution for its formation it would originate, but rather the institution ad resides in the own religious family, where rests its hard nucleus of stability and continuity.