Rethinking the Research on Women, Men and Genders. A Case History (El GT del CEISAL)


  • Marta ZABALETA Middlesex University, London (Great Britain)


Andrzej Dembicz, feminism, CEISAL, ICA, SLAS


This article begins by exploring the personal experiences and theoretical foundations that led to the creation of a permanent new CEISAL research team. Steered by the feminist development theory and adopting a Marxist methodolo-gy it soon became a draw for professionals of many disciplines and from several con-tinents, but continues to consist largely of women. The article goes on to analyze how, for almost a decade, this Working Group has projected its findings through a multi-tude of articles, books, journals, symposia, congresses, courses, documentaries, radio and television broadcasts, and a range of other activities it has developed, and also by collaborating with a number of institutions both nationally and internationally which share common goals.