Crises and Opportunities in Changing Times. Reference document for the activities of the Crises and Opportunities Group at the Global Social Forum (Bahia – January 2010)


  • Carlos LOPES The United Nations Institute for Training and Research, UNITAR (Switzerland)
  • Ignacy SACHS University of São Paulo (Brazil)
  • Ladislau DOWBOR Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (Brazil)


crises, world social forum, inequality, environment, agenda for change


The present paper was designed as a reference document, or posi-tion paper, for our discussions in Salvador and beyond: the environment predicament, reduction of inequality, decent jobs, and reorientation of the productive process ac-cording to real priorities. We suggest 12 main lines of intervention, which seem rea-sonably realistic, and certainly already applied with success in a number of countries. On a wider scale, they could bring about more serious structural change. It should be seen as a starting point for our discussions in Salvador World Social Forum, and is one more contribution to the already important number of paper we have received.