Call for Papers / Issue No. 32 (December 2023)

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Revista del CESLA. International Latin American Studies Review

The diplomatic archives and the relations between Latin America and Europe between the 19th and 21st century

Guest editors: Maria Luiza Tucci Carneiro (Universidade de São Paulo), Rhuan Zaleski Trindade (Universidade Estadual do Centro-Oeste)


The archives pertaining to International Relations, especially those of the respective Ministries, and consequently of embassies and consulates (exchanges of letters and inter-ministerial and inter-institutional dialogues), provide access to valuable sources, which in turn enable a great expansion of potential research in various areas of knowledge. In addition to reflecting on aspects that directly involve the foreign policy of different countries in different periods, these documents provide the possibility of observing elements from an economic, social, and cultural perspective, both in terms of external and internal debates in the countries involved. It is possible to highlight concepts and categories of analysis based on the formulations developed within the diplomatic representations and consulates abroad, as well as in relation to the country where the documentation was produced, in its ministries. The research and issues to be problematized can range from institutional analyses, to bilateral relations, international and foreign policy, agreements and tensions, migration processes and other more particular themes concerning local and regional realities and particular periods or governments.

Thus, the proposal of this dossier is to bring together papers based on documents from diplomatic archives, whether in the field of History, International Relations or other areas of knowledge, which discuss and use sources produced within the Ministries, Consulates and Embassies, especially between the nineteenth and twenty-first centuries. Considering the potentiality of these sources, we propose to reflect on the relations between Latin American countries and Europe in the period, either from the point of view of bilateral relations, representations and discourses gathered in certain nations (and their respective producers - officials and diplomats), or the possibility of thinking about social, economic, political and cultural aspects of countries based on external documentation (foreign) or from multiple texts articulated from an internal perspective.


The articles must be written in Spanish, Portuguese or English. We strongly advise authors to write in their mother tongue, if it is one of the journal’s official languages. The full versions of the manuscripts to be submitted to the external evaluation process, must be submitted by the authors anonymously into the Open Journal System (OJS) of Revista del CESLAInternational Latin American Studies Review before September 30, 2023.

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The Editorial Team of Revista del CESLA will be in charge of communicating to the authors the results of the evaluations, as well as of sending them the comments of the external experts.


Important Dates and Deadlines:

Reception of articles proposals: until September 30, 2023.

Response and comments of the evaluators: before November 30, 2023.

Delivery of corrected versions of accepted articles (if necessary): December 15, 2023.

Publication of Volume: December 31, 2023.