Call for Papers / Issue No. 28 (Dec 2021)

Revista del CESLA. International Latin American Studies Review

Disputed Memories: Dictatorships and Redemocratization in Latin America


We’re pleased to announce the Call for Papers for the thematic dossier of Revista del CESLA. International Latin American Studies Review, no. 28, 2021: Disputed Memories: Dictatorships and Redemocratization in Latin America, coordinated by Izabel Pimentel da Silva, PhD (State University of Rio de Janeiro) and Samantha Viz Quadrat, PhD (Fluminense Federal University).

The second half of the 20th century was marked by the emergence of authoritarian governments whose defining feature was the rule of military leaders. Those regimes, backed by large public support, persecuted dissenting voices and political opposition.

With the end of military rule, Latin American countries went through the complex process of redemocratization, which reflected tensions, conflicts, and negotiations between different political actors.

The Call for Papers is open to theoretical analysis and case studies that examine various bureaucratic-military structures, as well as both authoritarian and opposition projects; discussions on social consent and support for military governments; studies on political projects and actions carried out by parties, organizations, and social movements under military regimes and during the subsequent redemocratization period; articles on different ways towards redemocratization in Latin American countries; reflections and discussions on history, memory, and oblivion presented in analytical works regarding narratives and discourses on dictatorships and redemocratization in Latin America.

The articles must be written in Spanish, Portuguese or English. We strongly advise authors to write in their mother tongue, if it is one of the journal’s official languages. The full versions of the manuscripts to be submitted to the external evaluation process, must be submitted by the authors anonymously into the Open Journal System (OJS) of Revista del CESLAInternational Latin American Studies Review before May 31, 2021.

For this purpose, the authors should register in the system by entering the web page: 

and completing the registration form as Author.

The Editorial Team of Revista del CESLA will be in charge of communicating to the authors the results of the evaluations, as well as of sending them the comments of the external experts.


Important Dates and Deadlines:

Reception of article proposals: until May 31, 2021.

Response and comments of the evaluators: before September 1, 2021.

Delivery of corrected versions of accepted articles (if necessary): October 31, 2021.

Publication of Volume: December 31, 2021.