Call for Papers / Issue No. 27 (Jun 2021)


Revista del CESLA. International Latin American Studies Review

Migrating Histories: narratives and representations of human mobility in and out of Brazil from 19th to 21st century


Dear Colleagues,

 We’re pleased to announce the Call for Papers on Migrating Histories: narratives and representations of human mobility in and out of Brazil from 19th to 21st century for Revista del CESLA. International Latin American Studies Review, no. 27, June 2021, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Maria Luiza Tucci Carneiro (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil). 

This project addresses the multiple interfaces that characterize the mobility of ethnic groups that have established themselves in Brazil, and of Brazilians who have left the country towards other territories, including social, cultural, linguistic, political and economic issues, phenomena and processes in the past two centuries. This complexity, typical of human mobility and displacement, shapes the project framework from multiple academic perspectives. Guided by the preservation of the ethnic, social, cultural and linguistic memory of migrations, the project relies on the involvement and commitment of specialists in various academic fields and disciplines, generating a wide and diversified documentary, methodological and analytical corpus. The heterogeneous character of included research, covering the areas of history, sociology, anthropology, letters and arts, among others, should promote the exchange of experiences, the integration of disciplines and scholars within the project and the collective construction of a multi- and interdisciplinary approach towards migratory issues linked to modern Brazil.

The articles must be written in Spanish, Portuguese or English. We strongly advise authors to write in their mother tongue, if it is one of the official Revista languages. The full versions of the manuscripts to be submitted to the external evaluation process, must be submitted by the authors anonymously into the Open Journal System (OJS) of Revista del CESLAInternational Latin American Studies Review before November 30, 2020.

For this purpose, the authors should register in the Open Journal System (OJS) of “Revista del CESLA” by entering the web page: and completing the registration form as Author.

The Editorial Team of “Revista del CESLA” will be in charge of communicating to the authors; the results of the evaluations received and sending them the comments of the external experts.


Important Dates and Deadlines:

Reception of articles proposals: until November 30, 2020.

Response and comments of the evaluators: before March 1, 2021.

Delivery of corrected versions of accepted articles (if necessary): April 30, 2021.

Publication of Volume: June 30, 2021.


Editorial norms

We invite all researchers interested in submitting their contributions to consult the Editorial Norms and obtain more information by consulting the journal’s website: and, if any additional information is required, please contact the Assistant Editor of Revista del CESLA. International Latin American Studies Review.